Hello there! Glad you found me. 

I’m a wordsmith who loves playing with words and encouraging others to do the same, too, or transforming others’ ideas into effective prose, and I love what I do.

My background includes 18 years teaching Latin and Writing. I understand the complexities of language and enjoy manipulating it to create a particular tone or style with which to deliver a message

Why choose me?

Communication is an art form. Communicating well requires persistence, strategy, creativity, and technique.

Written communication often provides the first impression.

Allow me to make it a good one!

  • Good writing invites readers to consider your message, because well-crafted words convey professionalism and say that your message is worth reading and worthy of attention.
  • While the old adage says, “Action speaks louder than words,” poorly written and edited text won’t inspire confidence in what you offer. Don’t let misused apostrophes and misplaced modifiers chase away potential clients or customers!
  • In a constantly-changing world of electronic media, text that sends a message, explains a concept, persuades readers to take action, or shares accurate, timely information is key to a business’s success.

Allow me to craft concise, compelling prose tailored to your target audience.

Good writing will inspire confidence.

Allow me to capture and incorporate your style and tone to write compelling text that decodes industry jargon and explains complex concepts in ways appropriate for your audience

My goals:

  • My brain’s teaming with ideas and I’m happy to brainstorm the best way to manipulate the written word to convey your message.
  • I aim to blow away my clients’ expectations.
  • I don’t stop revising until you’re beyond satisfied.
  • I love to laugh and find the joy in each day and each writing assignment